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Sex Offender Management Standards

The 2011 Idaho Legislature tasked the SOMB with establishing standards, qualifications and certification procedures for Sexual Offender Management professionals. With the assistance of an individual who is recognized nationally in the field of sex offender management, standards and procedures were developed for post-conviction psychosexual evaluations, sexual offender treatment, the providers who conduct these services, and post-conviction sex offense-specific polygraph examiners. The SOMB's standards are consistent with the standards and guidelines of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA).

These standards are intended to be working documents, evolving accordingly with nationally recognized best practices as well as the needs of Idaho.

These psychosexual evaluation and treatment standards apply to services for adult offenders. Corresponding standards for the provision of those services to juveniles who have been adjudicated for sex offenses were developed separately.

Adult Introduction and Overview

Adult Psychosexual Evaluations and Evaluator Certification Standards
Psychosexual Evaluation Format
Notice and Consent Form
Notice and Consent Form - SPANISH translation
Protective Factors

Adult Sexual Offender Treatment and Treatment Provider Certification Standards
Monthly Treatment Status Update Form - PDF version
Monthly Treatment Status Update Form - interactive PDF
Monthly Treatment Status Update Form - MS Word version
Quarterly Treatment Report Form - PDF version
Quarterly Treatment Report Form - interactive PDF
Quarterly Treatment Report Form - MS Word version

Post-Conviction Sexual Offender Polygraph Examiner Certification Standards

Disciplinary and Complaint Procedure Standards

Quality Assurance Procedures for Psychosexual Evaluations and Treatment

Full Adult Standards Document with Appendices

SOMB Recommendations for Adult Sexual Offender Community Supervision

Interpretations of the static and dynamic risk variables found in the Sex Offender Static & Dynamic Risk Variables Checklist that is incorporated into the adult Psychosexual Evaluation Format may differ between individuals. Standardized definitions as interpreted by the SOMB are included below:

Static Risk Variable Definitions
Dynamic Risk Variable Definitions