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Notice and Consent Form
Cost of Psychosexual Evaluations
Evaluation Testing
Testing Requirements
Testing Measure Updates
Evaluator Certification Renewal Requirements
Licensing Requirements for Associate Evaluators
ATSA Membership Requirement
Limitations to Evaluators
"Absolute Risk Potential"
Risk Variables Checklists
Moral Turpitude
PPG Examiner Certification

      • Notice and Consent Form
        Shouldn't additional items be included in the Notice and Consent form, such as:
        › Approximate cost
        › Some of the testing the client might expect
        › Other additional information

        The form is a standardized form to meet legal expectations. Psychosexual evaluators are free to utilize an additional consent form to address their specific needs.

    • Cost of Psychosexual Evaluations
      The additional testing measures required on the new evaluation format will increase the costs of evaluation

      The SOMB is mindful of concerns regarding cost. The board believes that the additional testing measures are in accordance with best practice standards as its first priority.

    • Evaluation Testing
      I am concerned about some required testing measures being interpreted by individuals outside the scope of their licensure.

      Testing should be conducted in accordance with an individual's qualifications and experience. Outside sources should be utilized to interpret required testing that is beyond the individual's training and expertise.

    • Testing Requirements
      Some of the testing measures on the evaluation format are not necessarily required for all offenders.

      Only personality and mood, and intellectual functioning measures are required for the psychological testing. The remaining psychological testing categories are recommended, but an evaluator may use their own discretion on whether additional optional testing is appropriate. Other than the testing measures indicated for personality and mood assessment on the evaluation format, the additional instruments listed in other psychological testing categories are suggested measures -- different validated testing instruments can be substituted in these areas.

    • Testing Measure Updates
      Will the required format be updated to reflect the most current instruments/measures?

      Yes. The format will be reevaluated periodically for appropriate updates.

    • Evaluator Certification Renewal Requirements
      Are there clinical practice hours requirements for certification renewal?

      Only for Provisional level providers, who must accumulate a minimumm of 147 clinical practice hours with sexual offenders per year. Certification renewal requirements for all levels of certification include mandatory continuing specialized education hours.

    • Licensing Requirements for Associate Evaluators
      Does the SOMB require a Masters degree and licensure prior to becoming an Associate provider?

      Yes. The SOMB is sensitive to community needs for apprenticeship in the field of sexual offender management. For this reason, there are three levels of evaluator of treatment provider certification. The Provisional level of certification provides a means for people without prior expertise who are already licensed Masters level providers or who are currently enrolled in a Masters degree program to be trained and monitored within the field. Associate and Senior level certification requires professional licensure with a Masters degree or higher.

  • ATSA Membership Requirement
    Is membership in ATSA required for SOMB-certification?

    No. However, providers who are certified by the SOMB are required to adhere to ATSA's professional and ethical standards. The Board is committed to national best practice standards. ATSA membership exhibits that commitment by providing its members with current information and a forum for discussing emerging practices or issues with professional peers.

  • Limitations to Evaluators
    Is one of the goals of the guidelines to limit the ability of an evaluator to conduct a psychosexual evaluation for any purpose other than a criminal case where the offender has admitted to the acts of sexual abuse/offense.

    The SOMB's statutory authority is to create standards for sexual offender evaluations that are conducted post-conviction for the criminal justice system. This does not preclude an evaluator from conducting psychosexual evaluations for other purposes. The board is not trying to restrict the conditions under which an evaluator may conduct an evaluation. They are limited under the law in how far-reaching the standards apply.

    The purpose of a psychosexual evaluation is to assess the risk of reoffense, and is not for exploratory determinations of whether or not inappropriate sexual behavior occurred.
  • "Absolute Risk Potential"
    Under Section II(E)(c), the standards state that "Under no circumstances shall an evaluator conduct a psychosexual evaluation in accordance with this section - or generally in all other circumstances under which a psychosexual evaluation is requested or conducted - for the explicit purpose of attempting to generate or offer the evaluator's opinions or assertions regarding the individual's absolute risk/potential for engaging in sexually abusive behavior." As read, this section is a bar or prohibition to family court judges, practitioners or child protection agencies to getting a psychosexual evaluation of an individual, even if only one of the goals of the evaluation is to assess risk.

    The key word in this statement is absolute. In other words, evaluators are not to say definitively that an offender will or will not reoffend. A goal of the evaluation is to identify the level of risk an offender poses but there should not be a statement saying that the offender is definitely going to - or not going to - reoffend.

  • Risk Variables Checklists
    The risk variables checklists indicating the relevant variables for the client should be appended to the psychosexual evaluation -or- the relevant variables listed within the body of the report. The indicated variables should be consistent with/supported by the information provided in the evaluation. Disregard the total risk variables score lines on the form.

  • Moral Turpitude
    What does the SOMB mean by "a crime of moral turpitude" in the Disciplinary and Complaint Procedures section of it's Standards and Guidelines for Adult Sexual Offender Management Practices?

    The following definition applies: A crime of moral turpitude shall mean, but need not be limited to, an act of baseness, vileness, or depravity in the private and social duties which a man owes to his fellow man, or to society in general, contrary to the accepted and customary rule of right and duty between man and man.

  • PPG Examiner Certification
    The SOMB does not have authority to develop standards for the administration of penile plesthysmograph examinations (PPG's) nor to certify PPG examiners.