No More Sexual Violence

Sex Offender Classification Board Overview


Idahoís sexual offender registration laws were rewritten in 1998, to come into compliance with the Federal Jacob Wetterling Act/Meganís Law. The SOCB was created at that time to assess incarcerated sexual offenders who were identified as potentially being high-risk, and to determine whether the offenders warranted designation as Violent Sexual Predators for registration purposes. Laws were subsequently modified to allow the Board to review offenders who were on probation or parole.

The Board was initially mandated to develop standards for pre-sentence sexual offender evaluations and determine the necessary qualifications for the individuals who conducted these evaluations.

In 2003, the SOCB became responsible for implementing a certification process for sexual offender evaluators. Only Certified Evaluators are permitted to conduct court-ordered pre-sentence evaluations on sexual offenders.

February 2009 brought about some changes for the SOCB. An opinion by the Idaho Supreme Court in Smith v. Idaho ruled that the statute and procedures which the SOCB utilized in making Violent Sexual Predator designations were constitutionally unsound because of due process deficiencies. The SOCB ceased reviewing sexual offender cases at that time pending statutory and procedural modifications. The Court's opinion was not retroactively applied and previous Violent Sexual Predator designations remain valid.

The SOCB was eliminated in 2011 with the formation of the Sexual Offender Management Board.