No More Sexual Violence

Sexual Offender Management Board

newPublic Member needed

The SOMB's public representative member position is currently vacant. Board members are appointed by the Governor for a term of 3 years. More information about the application process can be found at


The SOMB was formed by legislative action in 2011 to develop, advance and oversee statewide sexual offender management policies and practices. Statutory authority lies within Sections 18-8312 and 18-1814, Idaho Code.

The 10-member board is administratively based within the Idaho Department of Correction, but acts independently from the department. It was charged with setting standards for adult and juvenile psychosexual evaluations and sex offender treatment programs; certifying professionals who conduct pre-sentence psychosexual evaluations, sex offender treatment, and post-conviction sex offender polygraphs that are ordered by the court, IDOC or Commission for Pardons and Parole; providing quality assurance of standards and qualifications; and extablishing protocols for sex offender management and classifiaction.

Any displayed, physical, or unlawful solicitation for sexual conduct with a person who is unwilling or unable to give legal consent is an act of sexual violence.