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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have a question and do not see an answer below do not hesitate to contact us at or 208-658-2146.

I am a sexual offender and want to know why I am classified at the level I am?

I am a family member/friend of a sexual offender and want to know why my friend/family member was moved to another facility.

How do I get removed from the Sexual Offender Registry?

Notice and Consent Form
Shouldn’t additional items be included in the Notice and Consent form, such as:
› Approximate cost
› Some of the testing the client might expect
› Other additional information

Cost of Psychosexual Evaluations
The additional testing measures required on the new evaluation format will increase the costs of evaluation

Evaluation Testing
I am concerned about some required testing measures being interpreted by individuals outside the scope of their licensure.

Testing Requirements
Some of the testing measures on the evaluation format are not necessarily required for all offenders.

Testing Measure Updates
Will the required format be updated to reflect the most current instruments/measures?

Evaluator Certification Renewal Requirements
Are there clinical practice hours requirements for certification renewal?

Licensing Requirements for Associate Evaluators
Does the SOMB require a master’s degree and licensure prior to becoming an Associate provider?

ATSA Membership Requirement
Is membership in ATSA required for SOMB-certification?

Limitations to Evaluators
Is one of the goals of the guidelines to limit the ability of an evaluator to conduct a psychosexual evaluation for any purpose other than a criminal case where the offender has admitted to the acts of sexual abuse/offense.

Absolute Risk Potential
Under Section II(E)(c), the standards state that “Under no circumstances shall an evaluator conduct a psychosexual evaluation in accordance with this section – or generally in all other circumstances under which a psychosexual evaluation is requested or conducted – for the explicit purpose of attempting to generate or offer the evaluator’s opinions or assertions regarding the individual’s absolute risk/potential for engaging in sexually abusive behavior.” As read, this section is a bar or prohibition to family court judges, practitioners or child protection agencies to getting a psychosexual evaluation of an individual, even if only one of the goals of the evaluation is to assess risk.

Risk Variables Checklists
The risk variables checklists indicating the relevant variables for the client should be appended to the psychosexual evaluation -or- the relevant variables listed within the body of the report. The indicated variables should be consistent with/supported by the information provided in the evaluation. Disregard the total risk variables score lines on the form.

Moral Turpitude
What does the SOMB mean by “a crime of moral turpitude” in the Disciplinary and Complaint Procedures section of its Standards and Guidelines for Adult Sexual Offender Management Practices?

PPG Examiner Certification
The SOMB does not have authority to develop standards for the administration of penile plethysmograph examinations (PPG’s) nor to certify PPG examiners.