Certified Evaluator

Only Certified Evaluators may perform pre-sentence sexual offender (psychosexual) evaluations for the courts. These evaluation standards include qualifications for three provider levels reflective of a person’s training specific to the population being served – Senior/Approved Psychosexual Evaluator, Associate/Supervised Psychosexual Evaluator, and Provisional/Supervised Psychosexual Evaluator.

Evaluator certification approval is specific to adult or juvenile clients. Certificate holders may be separately approved to provide services to both populations.

The Certified Evaluators rosters provide the names and business addresses of approved evaluators.

SOMB-certification is in addition to the mental health or medical professional licensure held by the providers.

Psychosexual Evaluations and Cost

The evaluation standards should not impact the timeliness of psychosexual evaluations submitted to the Court as attached to the Pre-Sentence Investigation Report (PSI), as the estimated timeframe for completion is within the 4 to 6 week time limit for the submission of a PSI. Additionally, the estimated cost of such an evaluation as ordered under [IC 18-8318] is between $1,300 and $1,500. By statute, the cost of this evaluation is borne by the offender unless the offender is found indigent, whereas the cost shall be paid for by the county with the offender required to repay.

Availability of Presentence Information To Evaluators

“The presentence investigator may release information relating to the defendant’s criminal history and law enforcement reports related to the offense for which the defendant is to be sentenced to persons preparing reports to assist the court in sentencing pursuant to a court-ordered evaluation. Any person receiving such information shall not release that information to any other person or agency. Any violation of this rule shall be deemed contempt of court and subject to appropriate sanctions.” ICR Rule 32

To all who apply for certification:

If anyone has questions regarding the applications or the application process, they should contact Jamie Lundy at jlundy@idoc.idaho.gov or 208-605-4783.