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Agency Contact:
Nancy Volle
Program Manager
Phone: (208) 605-4782

Jamie Lundy
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (208) 605-4783


Change from the SOCB to SOMB

Effective July 1, 2011, the Sexual Offender Classification Board was replaced by a new Sexual Offender Management Board.

This change was brought about by the enaction of SB1154a during Idaho’s 2011 legislative session. The bill effected a number of changes to the state’s Sexual Offender Registration Notification and Community Right-to-Know Act which included elimination of the Sexual Offender Classification Board and formation of the Sexual Offender Management Board. Unless removed by judical action, offenders who were previously designated as Violent Sexual Predators by the Sexual Offender Classification Board retain their designations. The SOMB does not conduct Violent Sexual Predator reviews.