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The SOMB is a part-time, volunteer board that is comprised of 10 voting members and one exofficio member. The voting members are appointed by Idaho’s Governor and confirmed by the Idaho Senate. The board’s chairman and vice-chair are selected by member vote during odd numbered years.

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Brian Marx, Chairman

Is the SOMB's defense attorney member. He has been a member of the Ada County Public Defender’s Office since 2007 and is a current member of the felony trial division.
Mr. Marx's somb term expires 01/2026.
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John S. Dinger, Vice Chairman

John Dinger is a member of the Ada County Prosecuting Attorney's Office where he supervises the Sex Crimes and Child Abuse unit.
Mr. Dinger's somb term expires 01/2027.
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Michael Johnston, PhD, Member

Is a licensed psychologist with a clinical practice in Boise. He has expertise in adult sexual offender assessment and treatment.
Dr. Johnston's somb term expires 01/2025.
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Jeffrey Betts, Member

Is a licensed clinical professional counselor and licensed marriage and family therapist in Boise. He has expertise in juvenile sexual offender assessment and treatment, with over 20 years of clinical experience with that population.
Mr. Betts's somb term expires 01/2025.

Paula Garay, Member

Fills the SOMB's clinical cultural diversity position. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist who works primarily with juveniles who have committee sexual offenses. In addition to experience in adult sexual offender treatment, she has education and experience working with culturally diverse populations.
Ms. Garay's somb term expires 01/2026.
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Sheriff Matthew Thomas, Member

Represents the Sheriffs Association and serves as the county sheriff for Washington County.
Sheriff Thomas's somb term expires 01/2025.
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Gabriel Hofkins, LMSW, Member

Gabriel Hofkins LCSW, works in the field of treatment for mandated clients. He serves at the behest of the Idaho Judiciary.
Mr. Hofkins's somb term expires 05/2026.
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Monty Prow, Member

Monty Prow was appointed Director of Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections (IDJC) in 2019.  Prior to that he served IDJC in the capacity as the Quality Improvement Services Director and Project Manager where he helped implement improvements for youth sex offending behaviors treatment and monitored programs for fidelity.  Mr. Prow holds a Master’s in Public Administration.
Mr. Prow's somb term expires 01/2027.
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Darin Burrell, Member

Darin grew up in southeast Idaho and attended and graduated from Boise State University in 1996 with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration with an emphasis in Corrections and Counseling. Darin has worked in the justice system for over 31 years that includes working in both the adult and juvenile justice systems in multiple capacities.  Darin loves Idaho and the people that live here. He has appreciated the opportunity to work alongside a wide range of statewide and community partners over the years - including elected officials, community leaders, educators and other stakeholders on the multitude of issues that impact the criminal justice system and communities in Idaho.  Darin currently resides in Rexburg, Idaho with his wife and Australian Shepherd.
Mr. Burrell's somb term expires 01/2027.
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Cory Barrier, Member

Cory graduated from Boise State University in May of 2003 with a degree in Criminal Justice Administration.  He started his IDOC career in 2008 as a Probation and Parole Officer, Lead PO, Training Coordinator, Deputy District Manager and District Manager for District 3 since January of 2019. Cory is currently the Deputy Chief of Probation & Parole.
Mr. Barrier's somb term expires 01/2027.

PCSOT Polygraph Examiner

Vacant - The position of PCSOT Polygraph Examiner is currently vacant and will be filled shortly.
Examiner's somb term expires 01/2024.